John Bio

John Bio

John Bush was born and raised in Austin, Texas where he has become a notorious community activist. He lives on a small farmstead with his fiance and fellow rabble rouser, Catherine Bleish, and their daughter, Aliana. Their family raises chickens and maintains a vegetable garden with several friends.

John has dedicated over a decade to promoting the ideals of a free society through grassroots mobilization campaigns, speaking on liberty issues across the country, and epic facebook debates.

John has made his presence known to the city council and state legislature through his consistent dedication to liberty activism and his unique use of street theater to garnish local media attention.

John has been involved in a multitude of activist projects over the years, here is a list of a few.
Texas State University ACLU Chapter, co-founder, president
Opposition to Proposition Two (Gay Marriage Ban), grassroots organizer
Ron Paul Presidental Campaign, grassroots organizer, delegate to precinct, district, state Republican conventions
Sam Osemene for City Council, campaign manager
Stop Domain Subsidies Campaign, staff
Texans for Accountable Government, founding member, executive director
Fluoride Free Austin, board member, activist
Continental Congress, delegate
Operation Defuse, co-founder, organizer
98.9 The Big Talker, Live Free Now Radio Show co-host
KDRP Community Radio, Rise Up Radio Show host
Foundation forĀ  Free Society, co-founder
Peaceful Streets Project, co-founder
Lonestar SMART, founder
Lonstar Liberty Beat, founder, host

Currently John gives speeches on the philosophy of liberty, Agenda 21, and activist strategies.