Memoirs of a Radical

In 2006 a man who worked with Catherine told her, “you are not a liberal, you are a libertarian” and her life was forever changed. It only took a few videos of Dr. Ron Paul speaking out against the war and big government for her to truly innerstand the truth of that statement. She quickly became an activist for the 2008 Ron Paul Campaign and participated as a delegate to the RNC. The political process broke her heart and shattered her dreams, but left her fundamentally in alignment with self ownership, autonomy and sovereignty. Out of her transition to post-political the first manifestation of Sovereign Living was born.

During her time as a confrontational activist she had varied and intense experiences speaking truth to power, twice leading to arrest and several times miraculously NOT leading to arrest. These stories are incredible and almost unbelievable, even to her! And intermixed through it all is a story of intense suffering and sadness as she faced her mother’s addiction to prescription opiates and her ex-husbands explosive anger, infidelity, and financial corruption. These real-life stories show the darker side of the liberty movement, but bring great hope for humanity in the long run.

Catherine hopes to inspire families trapped in a coercive control paradigm to find their way out, protect themselves, and heal from the trauma based mind control we all grew up existing in. Catherine hopes to have her book ready for release at Anarchapulco 2024 – and she is looking for early readers to give editorial and grammatical feedback!