Hi mama and papa bears – the following Custody and Homeschooling Divorce Questionnaire is a research survey specifically designed for home-school families who have gone through a divorce or custody situation. I am trying to collect reliable data about custody cases that involve home-schooled children and their families. These surveys are anonymous, I am not collecting any identifiable information about your or your children, but I do ask for their ages so I can have a general idea if your case happened 30 years ago, or if its a more modern situation and I ask for your state/country so we can have an idea if there are areas more susceptible to abuse through the family courts as it pertains to a home-school situation. By participating in this survey you will help the world to better understand the dynamics that are currently playing out in family courts across the globe, and assist activists who are working to change this system.

I will periodically add new research surveys to this website – if you are interested in specifically learning about the surveys I am conducting, please email me at cat @ sovereignliving . com

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