Blessed: A Life Design

Blessings, come when we create a life intentionally designed to receive them. Creating a blessed life takes planning, fortitude, and perseverance.

Sometimes I walk in my yard, see our flock of chickens and ducks, hear our herd of goats, or smell the wildflowers wafting, and I wonder “how did I become so blessed”? I manifested an AMAZING LIFE.

Then I remember — we worked HARD for this! We EARNED this! We are blessed because we put in the time, energy and resources to create this life we are living in! We set goals, made sacrifices, took strategic action and when necessary — I stood up and FOUGHT for it.

We are still manifesting my bigs’ return to homeschool, but that’s the last and only thing needing to click into place. Sometimes I get lost in the frustration of having an ex who fought against this lifestyle while SELLING this lifestyle online, but then I take a moment to reflect on what we have created despite his attempts to take it away, and I realize how powerful we are.

His house of cards will crumble, and it won’t be me knocking it down.  The kids will be back homeschooling when they are ready to be back. They have the tools to self advocate and I’m witnessing them learn to use their voices! It’s beautiful!

They may be at a school I really don’t like, but guess what? There is ZERO drama between their dad and I about homeschool now (for example: he no longer messages me multiple times a day grilling me on what we are doing for schoolwork, and I no longer have to worry about my children sitting in an office full of kratom with nothing to do but sit on cellphones).

My Sun has the dyslexia support he needs and I don’t have to risk GOING TO JAIL to provide it (yes I had to take such a risk in 2023 – watch my Anarchapulco 2024 talk for the details.). My Star was able to self advocate and get herself put in the correct grade (yes, he enrolled her a grade behind unnecessarily), and she recently turned to a big name in the liberty community for help getting out of the public school system. These are huge positives.

My worst nightmare has silver linings – the most brilliant of the silver linings is that I get to home school #3 in absolute peace. For the first time in my parenthood I get to raise a child 100% in alignment with my values. My Moon Child is being raised in the exact environment her dad and I have called in for her. It’s slow, it’s beautiful, it’s wonderful, and it’s unfuckwithable.

I have spent over a decade cultivating a beautiful life for my children – stewarding their childhoods with global travel, exposure to culture, a working knowledge of agriculture and homesteading, a love of language (reading, learning new languages), a palette for diverse foods, the opportunity to witness many natural wonders, and most of all LOVE! Sweet nourishing warm abundant love.

Their dad (of the bigs) cannot take that away, home school or no home school. We won in the end. We continued to live our lifestyle in an empowered way, and the older children get the blessed opportunity to witness mom stand up for them and the blessed opportunity to learn how to self advocate before they leave the nest.

I am sitting next to my squash and pumpkin garden watching my moon child play with pullets while the bigs hang out with friends inside. Going our lifestyle requires work, a lot of work. It requires clarity of mind, and aligning our actions with our vision. Despite the hardships, all is well. I am truly blessed.



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Blessed: A Life Design

Blessings, come when we create a life intentionally designed to receive them. Creating a blessed life takes planning, fortitude, and perseverance.