Liberty For Sale – Watch Out!

Freedom SELLS! Do the salesmen walk the walk or just talk the talk? There are wolves in sheep's clothing, can you see them hidden in plain sight?

If you knew………

….the homeschool workshop you purchased actually put money into the pockets of a man who enrolled his children in public school, which effectively and deliberately took away homeschool from Mom and kids.

Would you…….

…..have bought the workshop?

If you knew…..

…. the money you spent on a plot of land in a so-called “intentional community” potentially funded the legal fees of a man actively trying to rip his children away from an intentional community where mom lives.

Would you……

……still buy land from, or with, this person?

If you knew……

…… people associated with “Freedom Cells” threatened CPS on their own family if mom didn’t hand over custody to them.

Would you…….

……sign up for their organization?

Would you……

……want to build community with them?

If you knew……

…… the man who claimed he would start a homeschool co-op in your neighborhood actually fought against homeschool in court.

Would you…….

……pay money to this man or join his co-op?

If you knew…….

…….the same man protected a tutor who hit his daughter instead of protecting his child. And that same tutor is who would be “teaching” at said co-op.

Would you……

…… pay tuition to have this person educate your children?

Would you……

…… leave your children unattended with them?

Your Freedom Depends on You Diligence and Discernment

I ask these questions as a warning for all – do your own due diligence. Each of these “if / would” prompts are based on the real life distopian situation I face every single day. I believed a man who told me he was a liberty lover. I had children with him and quickly found out that wasn’t the case. It was too late, I was trapped. I didn’t do my due diligence. The warning signs were there.

Take heed. When liberty is for sale, it comes with strings attached. There are wolves in sheep’s clothing amongst us. I am the target of a con artist in the so-called Liberty Movement, and I know first hand how tempting these personalities are. They are cunning and convincing. I fell for it.

Conmen exist in all segments of society, this is not isolated to the freedom movement – AND YET, many people arrive bright eyed and bushy tailed and completely naive to the fact that some people TALK about liberty, but do not walk the walk. If you chose to do business, start a family, or build a home with someone who is willing to use the state in a coercive manor – you put your entire family at risk. This community is not immune to corruption, but this community tends to shame those who blow the whistle. I cannot be silent knowing good people are being preyed upon.

I recently watched this former used car salesman testify in a deposition that his sales rhetoric online about homeschool and liberty is “hyperbole”. His words. His anti-government personality online is NOT the real man and he admitted that under oath. The ongoing use of state coercion is further evidence. There are others like him. They sell an idea, but do not live in alignment with the philosophy.

Own Yourself!

If you are new to homeschool, go hang out with homeschool families. You do not need to pay a so called “expert” to tell you what to do. Real parents actually doing the day-in and day-out will help you more than anyone else. You can also crowdsource answers to your questions or concerns in homeschool forums/groups. I have personally had the best experience in local homeschool Facebook groups that also host in-person gatherings.

As a member of an intentional community, I feel called to leave a message to people seeking community:

Before you spend money or relocate, make sure you have done conflict with the people you will be living with. Make sure you have seen them do conflict with others. Meet their families, meet their friends. Vet each other. Once you buy in or move, it can be very hard to get out of an unsafe or unstable situation. Also, look into the financial past of anyone you are going into business with or making a big purchase from. Only spend what you are willing to lose.

The bottom line is – if you own yourself you are less likely to be manipulated or deceived. This applies to the broader institutionalized aspects of mass deception through propaganda, and the more personalized methods of gaslighting.

Get your self into alignment before you try to join or build community. When self ownership is your entry point to community (or any relationship), you arrive with healthy boundaries and refined communication skills – both are requirements for longevity in a shared space of any size. If you do not feel you have these skills down, know that any community you join will involve years of practicing, if you survive the first communal conflict.

Were you deceived like me? Please share your story in the comments or via email. I would love to hear from you.



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